Why Small Medium Businesses Should Do SEO?

SEO for businesses

Why Small Medium Businesses Should Do SEO?

Millions of people daily keep on searching about products or services on Google and takes buying decision accordingly. So, it is obvious when they are searching, you want to appear high in search engine rankings and make people click to the website and meet their intent.

SEO is a process of optimizing your website on search engine results page to increase your visibility, drive traffic to site, increase sales, etc, which is organic (unpaid) process. Business whether small or big, should invest in SEO. Some of the leading search engines in the world are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Return on investment is important aspect of business, they need to measure and analyse their performance. SEO enables business to do so and check real-time results so that they can make continuous efforts to optimize their site even better. The benefit of SEO is not just for product based business, but also SEO for service base business is essential and it will blow your mind.

Why every business need this and should implement SEO tactic? Here’s why.

For people who are in search for your product or services online

As per report 2019, over 4.39 billion people uses internet and number of people who searches on Google are 92% and 97% of people search before buying anything. So, there are plenty of opportunities for business to get found on search engine and increase their visibility. Businesses can reach out to their customers as they are using search query daily and at exact time when they are looking for your product or services.

It gives Organic traffic on website/pulling traffic:

Traditional marketing was more about using push strategy but, SEO is completely on pulling the traffic to the website. The traffic is the audience who is already searching for product/service that you offer, so they are interested customers and the website gets quality traffic organically i.e. free traffic as you don’t need to pay Google for that. Also, you don’t need to push or convince them with advertisement to buy.

Likely to convert more often/ High ROI

When you optimize your website better than others, you are likely to appear on top of the SERP ranking. The higher the position of your business, it is more probable to win clicks and conversion. The return on investment is high in SEO than other tactics and has good conversion rates for most of the websites.

Helps in brand building/ Reputation

This is an amazing advantage of SEO for business, because search engine acts as a referrer for your business when it is unknown and new to others, being Google as your first referrer. When your business is ranking high on search result page, you get the eye of everyone. It benefits business building their brand presence and creating good reputation. A positive impact holds your audience to your website for long time and you get them daily until you are on top position. So, it also requires long term strategy and continuous efforts.

Cost per acquisition is zero

Cost per acquisition is zero in SEO, as you are offering your product or service only to those who are really interested. It is far-less expensive than other marketing tactics to acquire customer. Unless, you have knowledge of SEO and Google algorithms, you need to grow your rankings from expert service provider. In order to save your money from outsourcing, business professionals should learn SEO.

SEO increases brand awareness

Creating brand awareness is significant for any business and SEO builds brand equity, making people familiar with your brand. It is not that every time customer who visits your website does purchase, they will be aware about your offering and in future they may convert into business. The more often your business or brand is noticed by audience, the more aware they become and SEO does that.

Measure your SEO results

It gives business, benefit of measuring conversions and performance. One can easily measure organic traffic and rankings of site hence, it is completely measurable. According to the report and analyse you can improve your website optimization and make different strategies to beat the competitors.

Drives online and offline sales

SEO enables pulling customers to website which leads to online sales, not just that it also drives in-store/offline sales. This is due to some people do research before making a purchase decision and going in stores. So, it contributes extensively in driving sales.

Local SEO

Local SEO benefits for small business and it is very effective technique as it offers business, to promote their products and services to local customer at exact time they are looking for them on search. Small business has great advantage to increase their perceptibility locally and reach out to their audiences in niche market.  Business can have local community outreach that grabs visitors to website increasing calls and store visits from potential customers.

Reach is Global

As internet is used by almost everyone, the reach is global in SEO. One can promote their product or service globally and reach out to different category of audiences with a limited cost. Business can expand and it highlights brand image in more than one country.

All day- Every day promotion

The platform is 24/7 live for showcasing your business. It never stops or won’t disappear your rankings overnight. Once you are on top of search ranking page, Google will promote your business also when you are not awake. So, it is an all day- every day promotion activity.

SEO is growing and is the smartest investment decision you can make. If any business has limited access to SEO knowledge they can go for SEO training and you can implement independently without hiring other.

If your competitors are still using traditional marketing, you can add the benefit of online marketing and keep yourself upgrading in digital space. Adopt and implement digital marketing strategies to your organizational plan. This is era of changing and so business has to accept and run the world.