Privacy Policy

Our statement of privacy policy states the practices of privacy of the brand, its connected services, domains of the website, email communication and any other subdomain of the site as well as its corporate service or the partners.

The foremost priority of our company is your privacy. With policies of privacy, we target to clarify the methods through which the info related to your trade along with your personal info is utilized, collected and secure at our website. The policy of privacy is a fragment of our Terms of Use.

When you visit our website, we consider it like the approval to gather your data in conformity through this Privacy Policy and moreover consider it as approval from your side. Our team guarantees you that we don’t lease, vendor handover your data to any 3rd party in any manner. We don’t go beyond the declaring of our Privacy Policy statement.

You should know that the facilities of our site might be linked with some other 3rd parties too, and the privacy and conditions such as payment suppliers and online storing facilities and you approve that our website is not accountable for any kind of 3rd party their usage of any kind of your data as well as terms and conditions. The privacy policy is stern with the usage of data gathered by our site.

What data do we gather?

We gather 2 kinds of data on our site:

1. PII (Personally Identifiable Information) like Email Id, Name, Company Name, and phone number.

2. Non-PII that do not disclose the visitor’s identity on our website, like:

  • IP Addresses

Our website does the tracking of your IP addresses automatically. We register your IP addresses for purposes of statistical and with the purpose to improve the promotion and design of our site.

  • Correspondence Data

In case if you provide any personal correspondence to us, or any 3rd parties provide us any kind of data regarding your relocations then, the data might put in storage at our servers.

  • PI (Payment Information)

Our site does not gather any data related to the credit card so as to guard your data in contradiction of any kind of claims, illegal transactions as well as other problems. We let the dealers of the 3rd party gather data for the aim of gathering the payment from our clients on our site. We don’t have any right to use to the fee data which you send to our 3rd party sellers and the entire data provided is dependent on the terms and conditions of the 3rd party seller as well as the privacy policy. You might have to go through the privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our fee facility providers for more data.

How shall we utilize the data we gather?

The data we gather on our site shall merely be utilized by our team to deliver the demanded data to the customer or for updating the client regarding the services and products of our site.

How we store the data?

The info of the client gets stored in the databank of our site with the purpose to improve the website along with the user experience. Our company is an Indian firm and you can select to provide any kind of data to the servers. As India does not possess the same policy as existing inside the other nations, we shall guard it in a way revealed in the Privacy Policy of our site. By staying on our site and supplying us with your data, you comprehend and agree to our privacy policy. Your data might be transmitted, administered and kept in India.

How your data is secure?

You approve that our website, as well as its linked firms, might utilize the data for promotion and advertising motives.

Our all self-governing workers, staffs, and managers have implemented non-revelation contracts that offer clear privacy safeties. Any type of self-governing worker, member, or mediator that infringes the security or privacy policies is dependent on probable cessation and criminal or/and civil tribunal.

We don’t let any of your Data accessible to 3rd parties for their promotion motives. There will be no sharing of the information that is collected or given with other periods of social media.

On the other hand, if we do the sharing of your Trade Data with 3rd parties, our team shall inform you. Keep in mind that there transferring on the web will not assure privacy and non-revelation, and intrinsically, you transfer at your individual risk.

We utilize the vigorous security procedures to safeguard information from illegal use, keep data accurateness, and benefit in certifying the proper usage of data. Once the services are retrieved with the help of the internet, the technology of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) safeguards your Data, with the help of both data encryption and server verification. Such techniques benefit you in ensuring that your data is protected, safe, and merely accessible to you as well as to all those that have to get access approval from you.

Our company doesn’t abide by Spam. If you want to report about the spam of our site then, please communicate us at on our site. You might not utilize our tools of communication to refer to spam or any other type of content which might infringe our company’s terms of use. We might verify for phishing attacks, viruses, spam, and other nasty action or unlawful or banned content of the site, however, we shall not do the storing of the messages directed with the help of these tools forever.

Our website uses its extreme strength to safety messages and storing of the data with the intention to safeguard the privacy of your Data in contradiction of harm and interruption by 3rd parties. On the other hand, it is vital to recognize that there is no nil-threat in contradiction of loss or intervention by the 3rd party of your Data. You are liable for upholding the safety and privacy of the password and username of your account.

Cookies Policy

Our company utilizes the cookies to provide you a splendid experience of browsing. Every time you stay at our site, the server of our site directs a cookie in the direction of your device with the aim of finding your place and utilizes a suitable linguistic for you. At any time you can remove these cookies. There is no ability in the Cookies to individually recognize a person and moreover, they cannot recognize the web browser merely. Except if a person selects to recognize himself with the commencement of an account or disclosing the info of login, the customer shall endure nameless to us.

Lawful Appeals

We fulfill the entire lawful necessities and work together with law implementation organizations along with 3rd parties to implement laws, maintain logical property privileges and stop deceit. If our team get a legitimate instruction by any constitutional or law implementation organization, we may reveal your e-mail address, name, and history of the website usage, on your approval, without or with a lawful order. We shall not reveal any of your other data to any organization without an order of the court excluding once it turns out to be essential for any security, safety or the same thing.

The revelation of data to any 3rd party

We shall not disclose your data to any 3rd party without your aforementioned approval.


By utilizing our site, you are approving to the gathering and usage of your Data as defined in our terms of use along with the privacy policy.

3rd Party Links

The site might comprise links to further sites that are not maintained or organized by our team. We have no accountability or responsibility for the activities and content of these websites of the 3rd-party. We request you to be mindful once you left our site to declaim the privacy policies of every site which gathers personal data. The privacy policy relates merely to data gathered by this site.


If the process of our Privacy Policy modifies, we shall post those alterations directly to the site. Any type of alterations shall be instantaneously effective from the minute they are displayed if or else specified in the provision of alteration. An electronic mail warning shall be directed to the customers that demand it.

Your Privileges

Below the EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), you own numerous privileges concerning your Individual Information. You own the right of retrieving your individual data commencing the site for any kind of motive. Whenever you might acquire and reprocess your individual data through any facilities. Although you have delivered us the approval, you have the freedom to take away this approval during any period. To repeat, you might perform this at whatever time by communicating us straight on the customer support address of our site.

How to change the data or select-out of updates?

You might utilize the below preferences for eliminating your data from our database of electronic mail if you desire to withdraw of getting advertising electronic mail and information sheet.

You can hit over the link of the “unsubscribe” button located on the email’s bottom.

You can hit on the link of “Account Settings” from the home page of the website, and un-mark the un-preferred advertisings.

You can write is an email to our mailing address so that we can identify which advertising electronic mail you desire to leave.