Guidelines to Write a Good Content

Content writing

Guidelines to Write a Good Content

Content writing is a creative process, which needs to be developed in effective manner by adopting a proper approach. Content is not just about writing on a particular topic and that’s it! But, it consist of creative and technical aspect all together. It is in many forms such as, writing a blog, ad copy, article, web content, social media content, etc. The following are some guidelines to write in effective manner.


Getting an idea is not an easy task anyway, one needs to scratch the head and get the unique ones. It is very important to brainstorm from different resources to get the idea on what you want to write for. Developing ideas is one of the crucial stage when, you are going to write something. Using technology as a medium to generate ideas is always OKAY. Also, social media is one of the best platforms to get suggestions for trending topic as people largely discuss and participate to get the best one.


Selecting a topic becomes easier when you already have some ideas in your mind. You can now select by sorting out and filtering the best and interesting topic on which you want to spread the information to your readers. Choosing topic which is useful for user and engaging at the time, so they don’t skip your piece of content. Topic describes the content agenda you want to pass on to the reader.


Research is a practice which everyone needs to do before starting something. In content writing this is the essential part, where writer has to dig deep to learn and understand the topic on which they are writing. Researching is essential as to get vital information to start on writing and it is consider as groundwork of your content piece.  Whatever you write, the reader/user needs proof on that point, facts, statistics, etc which validates and make your content relevant and authentic. You can also add some good quotes and information from authorized person that will add value to your content matter and increase credibility.


The headline is the first impression of your content, it will make user decide whether or not they want to go through your piece of content. Your heading should be pleasing and it should attract lazy readers like a magnet. If your headline doesn’t glint interest of the reader, or doesn’t make them feel connected to the content, then you are not succeeded to achieve your content goal and make people turn towards you. So, it is advisable to make it more appealing.


Drafting your piece of content in a unique way is important, copied ones don’t have any value. Get ideas, research, and write considering from your own thoughts about the topic. To make it look natural and genuine from other writers you need to have your own exclusive voice to present your content. It should reflect your individual or brand personality and approach. The writer consistently needs to evolve the style of writing to stand out of the crowd. Making proper format you can apply to your post such as describing headline, body of content, important facts and then conclude the matter.


The reader must get the message you are passing on, so you need to focus on single message you want to communicate from your content. Key points needs to be highlighted to get readers attention. Content should not be confusing and misguiding, it should be easy to read and understand.


The content you are working on, make sure it is entertaining to the readers and not boring. So they don’t skip away from your content and stay there for longer to read as well as share your content to others. Readers are mostly in search for something which attract the eyes and informative matter so that they could get answers to their questions. Be it any, you can deliver the way you want, to meet the readers intent.


When it comes to writing, you always need to go back to the basics of English. Develop content, which is grammatical error free with zero plagiarism. Grammatical correct content look very professional and represents high standard. Simple grammar rules need to consider while writing such as use of commas, hyphens, full stops, semicolons, exclamation mark, etc wherever necessary.


If you want to make your content eye-catching and intriguing you can add related images and videos to your content. Images should complement the concern topic and make it more engaging to the readers and make them follow your content. Visual appeal is something which influences people to get to you. So, attaching images and videos can drive more traffic to your content and what if, it goes viral.


Polish your content by going back to the start and recheck for issues, replace unwanted or irrelevant words with the relevant ones. Check for duplicate and repeated words or sentences in your content. Reviewing your content is a smart work before publishing it publicly. Even a professional writer, believes in reviewing and correcting until it reaches up to the mark.

Concluding, If you want to become a pro in content writing you should consider above points in mind and make sure you deliver worth of the time spend by readers on your content.