Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search Engine Marketing
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Search Engine Marketing is place where most of businesses make their investment in terms of digital marketing. This special SEM course will give you complete idea about Search ads, ppc, Display, Mobile, Email, etc type of campaign. Individuals will not just learn about it but live projects will be actual learning about the topic.

SEM Course Details

 Introduction to SEM – Fundamentals & Case Studies

    • Consumer Journey
    • What is SEM? Why SEM?
    • What is Google AdWords? Why Google AdWords?
    • Google Network
    • AdWords Terminologies
    • How Does the SEM Auction Work?
    • Structure of an AdWords Account
    • Campaign Types – Introduction to Search, Display (including Videos),
    • Shopping and Mobile-specific campaign types, and when/why to use them.

Creation of Search Ad Campaign (PPC)

    • Ad
    • Ad Formats
    • Ad Text Policies
    • Ad Text Best Practices
    • DKI
    • Ad Extensions
    • Keyword Research
    • Tools – Keyword Planner & Estimator
    • Keyword Match types
    • Keyword Strategies
    • Landing Page
    • Bidding and Budget
    • Optimizing the Search Network Campaign using the Keyword Planner, Match types, Ad Text best practices, etc.

Creation of Google Display Network

    • GDN Targeting Options
    • Display Ad Formats
    • Ad Gallery Tool
    • Conversion Tracking
    • GDN Campaign Creation – Demo
    • Remarketing
    • Advanced Display: RLSA, Dynamic Remarketing, YouTube Remarketing
    • Advanced Display: Smart Display Campaigns

Mobile Ad Campaigns

    • Universal App Campaigns
    • Mobile-Specific Bidding and Targeting Strategies
    • Measuring Mobile Ad Performance and Conversions Report Editor
    • Optimization Strategies
    • Account Audit Demo

Shopping Campaigns – Introduction

    • What are Google Shopping Ads /Product Listing Ads?
    • Where do they appear on Google? What Shoppers on the internet do?
    • What retailers need? – New Advertising technologies
    • Google Shopping set retailers up for success
    • Features of Google Shopping Why PLA’s? And the path to creating PLA Ads
    • Merchant Centre Steps
    • Create Shopping Campaign on Google AdWords
    • Track Performance and Optimize the Campaigns

YouTube Marketing – Introduction & Ad Formats

    • YouTube Ad Formats
    • YouTube Campaign Creation
    • YouTube Analytics
    • Video Campaign Optimization Tips
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Course Features

  • Duration 20 hour
  • Quizzes Yes
  • Theory Yes
  • Practical Yes
  • Assessments Yes